Graduate Student Research

The following is a compilation of all University of Guelph research reports completed on the Fusion Youth Centre to date.

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Come and Become: Investigating How Youth Development is Facilitated at the Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre

Author: Bakhtawar Khan
Date: August 2014

An investigation of youth development within the setting of an afterschool program in Ingersoll, Ontario. This study examines the developmental assets profile of youth members at Fusion, and considered how Fusion fosters youth development. Read More

Impact on Youth Crime in Ingersoll

Authors: Fred Pries, Kevin McLeod, Amanda MacDougall

Examining the impact that Fusion has had on the level of youth crime in Ingersoll, and the financial impact associated with changes in the level of youth crime. Read More

More Than Just Hanging Out After School: Afterschool Programs and Youths’ Feelings of Inclusion and Exclusion

Author: Sarah Ann Christie

This thesis outlines a case study of the Fusion Youth Centre, to learn from youth about their experiences growing up, the challenges they faced and the benefits they gained from participating in Fusion’s programs. Read More

Impact of After-School Programs on Rural Youth: A Case Study of Fusion Youth Centre

Author: Bushra Khan

This thesis investigates the impact of after-school programs on youth in rural communities. The study concluded that participants can significantly increase their youth development if they attend Fusion for more than five years. Read More

Career, Community and Possible Selves (presentation)

Author: Lynne Mitchell

A presentation that explans how youth's participation in afterschool programs may influence how they view their career, community, and possible selves. Read More

Career, Community and Possible Selves (thesis)

Author: Lynne Mitchell

This thesis examines the way in which youth between the ages of sixteen and eighteen envision their future possible selves with respect to their possible careers and roles in the community. Read More

Living at the Intersection (presentation)

Author: Heather Corss

Exploring the Relationship between Youth Health and Wellbeing and After-School Programs in Small Urban Towns. Read More

Living at the Intersection (thesis)

Author: Heather Corss

This thesis explores the connection between rural youth health and wellbeing and after-school programs as perceived by adult after-school program staff and affiliated community members. Read More

Beyond Youth Participants: Impact of the Youth Centre on Staff Health and Wellbeing

Author: Heather Cross

The research conducted in this report reveals that the Fusion Youth Centre may be having a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the young adults who work at the centre. Read More

Analysis of Service Level Costs

Authors: Fred Pries, Kevin McLeod, Amanda MacDougall

Analyzing the costs associated with the services provided by Fusion including contributed materials and services and the funding sources for these costs. Read More