Fusion History

Way back in 2003, the Ingersoll Town Council got together and started a thing they called “The Community Strategic Plan” - which was a fancy name for being more involved in the community, and to keep being involved for several years. By May of 2004, they figured out the areas that had the most needs. These areas were:

  • Youth age 12 and over, as well as under 12
  • Health and community wellbeing
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Recreation, trails and parks
  • Industrial, commercial, residential and transportation
  • Heritage and tourism

After that, a Youth Planning Group was created to focus on the youth of Ingersoll (that’s you!) The first thing they did is come up with a super-cool vision statement:

“Youth will be encouraged to achieve a high sense of purpose, of identity and of pride for, and within their community.”

They also came up with a list of cool things that they wanted to do, and they used some big words to make it sound real official. The list went something like this:

  • Development of a permanent Youth Committee, created by Council in conjunction with a broad-based and youth-oriented Youth Council.
  • Preparation of a youth strategy that is responsive to the flexible needs of youth.
  • Establishment of a fully funded and professionally supervised Youth Centre to meet the diverse needs of local youth.

In 2005, the Town of Ingersoll opened “The Ingersoll Thames Centre”, which was not a very cool name, so they renamed it “The Fusion Centre”, which is a much better name don’t you think? …but wait there’s more! They thought that they could make the name be even more epic, so the next year they changed the name again, to “The Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre” …and that’s how Fusion came to be. Now you know.