Policies and Rules

General Procedure

To ensure the safety and security of all Youth Centre participants, Fusion has implemented the following policies and rules:

Policies and Rules
  • The Youth Centre will focus on discipline and natural consequences – not punishment. Reconciliation and not reaction. Staff are expected to encourage youth to understand why a consequence is taking place and how to right the wrong they have done. Empathy should be the focus.
  • Staff, volunteers, visitors and youth should not be subjected to inappropriate behavior
  • When a youth is misbehaving for the first time, give them a verbal warning and explain the reasoning behind the problem.
  • The second time they misbehave, they should be removed from the activity they are involved in to think about the consequences of their actions.
  • If they misbehave again, they will be told to leave the Youth Centre premises for the remainder of the day. Any warnings or incident reports will be completed by the staff and all staff on that shift should be notified so as to be consistent with the consequence.
  • If it is a concern that the incident justifies the youth being away from the facility for an extended period of time, this must first be addressed with the Program Manager. In such a case the parent/guardian should also be informed.
  • If a youth continues a pattern of inappropriate behavior, staff may consider a behavior contract with that youth. The contract will be drawn up and signed by the Program Manager, the staff involved and the youth. In some cases it may also involve a peer mentor, parent/guardian or volunteer.

All staff, youth, and participants must abide by these expectations of conduct within the youth centre, on the property, and while attending events. There are no exceptions to these policies and procedures.

Youth asked to leave and Suspensions

Any staff can ask a youth to leave a room in the Centre or the Centre itself if they decide that they are acting inappropriately. They can also request that the youth meet with a shift supervisor before being allowed to return to the centre. In these instances, staff will communicate their decision to the rest of the staff as discretely as possible. Whenever a youth is asked to leave, their parents are contacted and notified of the incident.


Suspensions are determined by the shift supervisor or Fusion management. Incidents are often discussed as a team at the staff meetings, but the final decision is made by management.


Expulsions are determined by Fusion management. Please refer all concerns and incidents to management.


Parents are notified for the following reasons:

  • A youth is asked to leave the centre
  • All injuries
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The police are called for the following reasons:

  • Physical altercations
  • Thefts
  • Any drug or alcohol involvement
  • Any cases of harassment