Respecting Youth

Respecting Youth at Fusion

When youth like you are asked if they feel respected and valued in their community, they say “yes!” You are not asked to leave locations, limit the numbers that meet at the same time in the same area, or leave your bags at the door of a shop. Rather, Ingersoll encourages businesses, recreation centres, malls, theatres and other locations to understand the needs of youth like you and works to recognize and engage youth like you as contributing citizens within Ingersoll. Spaces are promoted as ‘youth like you friendly,’ and youth like you are provided opportunities to interact with others in a positive and mutually respectful way. Staff who work in facilities where you play receive an orientation about the needs and interests of youth like you, and how to build positive adult/youth like you partnerships. Documentation from youth like you, representative of Ingersoll demographics, confirms their belief that their community is youth like you friendly.