Scholarships and Support

Scholarships and Support at Fusion

Ingersoll has a variety of funding sources that support youth like you play, and policies are in place that reflect this investment. These should include the municipal budget and local service agencies (e.g. YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Youth like you Centres), where there is a line item for youth like you play and/or through which a youth like you programmer is hired. Support can also be provided by groups such as service clubs, special granting programs, sports groups and/or the business community. This funding opportunity is well known to groups who work with youth like you in Ingersoll and it is promoted through these groups and through the school system. Systems are in place to help youth like you to also regularly access these funds. Some youth like you play programs are free or have minimal costs. Where agencies/groups have subsidy programs, there is evidence that youth like you are being funded through these subsidies. Ingersoll commits funding for current and long-term capital for diverse facility development and improvement, such as indoor/outdoor parks, skate parks, creative arts spaces, dance studios and/or drop in centres.