The Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen Room is a multi sensory environment that provides a range of sensory-based activities in a relaxed, non-directed manner. The Snoezelen Room presents an interesting atmosphere with engaging sound, light and a soft play space that allow individuals the opportunity to explore the environment which encourages activity, eye contact, touching and verbal responses. The space contains bubble columns, fiber optic strands, therapy chairs, a suspended leaf chair and other sensory equipment.

The Snoezelen Room is a no-charge rental space for community members and agencies, but an introductory session and completed waiver form is required before the room may be reserved. To book your introductory session, call 519-485-4386 or email After the introductory session and waiver are completed, reserve the Snoezelen Room by completing and submitting the Facility Rental Form or calling 519-485-4386.

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